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Midterm Playlist: Music that will help you to succeed

By: MADISON WARD Staff Columnist Whether you have a midterm exam coming up, a five-page paper that is due, or a group project that you are muddling through, here is a list of songs from various IUSB students to motivate you to get that A! DISCLAIMER: It is your prerogative whether to look up the

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Titans storm victory at home

By: SAM HOOVER Staff Writer The men’s Titan basketball team had a bounce back win against a strong Saint Ambrose team, winning 91-87 on Jan. 19, at home. This game began at a pretty slow pace where no one was really taking advantage of the slow start. However, towards the five-minute mark of the first

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Scaring up some Halloween entertainment

By: SAM HOOVER Staff Writer If you love scary movies, the fall season is the time to watch one. This year brings moviegoers a remake in theaters of “Halloween.” Jamie Lee Curtis stars in the film, reprising her role as Laurie Strode, as her character works on getting revenge on Michael Myers, her brother, a

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