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Iconic anime Attack on Titan ends after 10 years of airing

In August, I caved. I wanted to give Attack on Titan a shot. I had always heard that this show was very similar to Game of Thrones, one of my all-time favorites and a show that was very formative to my media taste. The epic story, the vast amount of characters, the complexity, royalty, politics – all of it. 


Review: “The Quiet Man” promises a bang, gives a dull echo

By: JOHN LARSON Most large video game publishers do their best to stick to titles with a lot of public visibility or from famous development studios. When Square-Enix, publishers of series like “Final Fantasy” and “Dragon’s Quest,” announced earlier this year that they would be publishing a brand-new IP, from a small studio promising […]


Fast food favorite now serving breakfast

By: RYAN L. GRUENEWALD Staff Writer A customer stood in front of the Taco Bell counter at 8 a.m. Her head craned upward at the fast food chain’s newly introduced breakfast menu. She hesitated before placing the order. “I wanted to try more,” Jamie Jacobs, South Bend-area resident, said as she held her receipt. “This […]