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Vocal preachers on campus spark student-led protest

Warning: This video contains language that some may find offensive. By Sarah Duis Editor-in-Chief  The quiet on campus was shattered Monday morning, Oct. 14, when a group of self-described preachers arrived on campus with a megaphone, signs and a message for students. The group was comprised of several men, small children and a woman. They

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Column: God is not a monster

BY: TAYLOR NEFF Staff Writer I have been pretty silent this semester when it comes to writing for The Preface, but when my sister-in-law called me and said there were extremists on campus screaming at people they were going to burn in hell, I knew I needed to write something. I am a bible-believing Christian

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Science and religion: Can they coexist?

By CHRISTINA CLARK Columnist Are they opposing forces? Do they need to be? Lately, I’ve been finding more and more content locally and online about how “religious people need science.” Likewise, I’ve seen things in the past that state that science is an affront to religion. I started a little Facebook conversation about it and

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