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Titan tails

By: Chloe Teall Staff-Writer    Well folks, it’s hard to believe there is only about a month left of the spring semester. As we near summer break, now might be the perfect time to consider welcoming a new best friend into the family. Like people, it takes animals a while to acclimate to new environments before

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Titan Tails

By: Chloe Teall Staff-writer     We are in the home stretch of the semester, and what could be better than going into summer with a new best friend? The Elkhart Humane Society has a plethora of adoptable pets to suit everyone’s unique preferences and lifestyles. If you don’t have the time to commit to a pet

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Titans Tails

By: Chloe Teall Staff-Writer    Listen, I know that Valentine’s Day might have been lonely for some this year, but next year could be different! Maybe your ex might have found someone new, but a dog would never leave you. And sure, cats might not respond to your calls either, but at least they can’t leave

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