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A Walk in the Woods: Potato Creek State Park

By: JOHN GRIFFEE Staff Writer Potato Creek State Park offers one of the best local park experiences available in our area. The park’s amenities include camping areas, fishing locations with boat launches, picnic areas, a beach front, a wide variety of trails, including for snowmobiles, hikers and mountain bikers, along with a nature center which

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A Walk in the Woods: Rum Village Park

By: JOHN GRIFFEE Staff Writer Of the many parks in the area, Rum Village is one of the few parks that has something for every age group. Those looking for a park to bring friends, children or relatives to are in luck as the park hosts a variety of attractions and opportunities, with weekly events

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A walk in the woods: Chamberlain Lake Nature Preserve 

By: JOHN GRIFFEE Staff Writer For those seeking a quiet, secluded hike, Chamberlain Lake Nature Preserve is perfect. Nestled between looming trees lies the entrance to an 82-acre nature preserve hosting a section of the once-great Kankakee Marsh. The park features a short mile and a half trail that leads to a view of the

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