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Late parking fee billing

By: TANNIA JOHNSON Staff Writer If you’ve recently checked your Bursar account and noticed a new bill, it may be for your campus parking pass. The standard price for student parking on IU South Bend’s campus is $160 for the academic year. Although students may expect their full billing summary at the beginning of semesters,

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New parking permits arrive for fall semester

By: BRANDON GROVES Staff Writer There are many IU South Bend employees and students who need their vehicles to get to campus. For those who do, it is now time to update their parking permits. All Indiana University schools are switching over from the A and D parking permits to the new EM and ST

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SGA president takes a different perspective on new parking rules

By: STEPHEN SALISBURY SGA President One of the hottest topics on campus this past week has been the new flat rate that everyone has to pay to park on campus. We even had folks on the local news complaining about this situation. Basically, at least for this year, you simply have to pay an upfront,

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