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Facilities Management says water damage won’t be repaired any time soon

By: ANTHONY AYALA Staff Writer @bman4ever92 Two IUSB buildings suffered water damage over winter break. Director of Facilities Management Michael Prater, described five separate incidents that occurred in the Education and Arts Building and Northside Hall. On Dec. 27 a fire alarm activated in the Education and Arts Building, alerting Indiana University Police and the

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Northside Hall construction nearing completion

By: Tyra Bahney Staff Writer @tyrabahney The renovation of Northside Hall has been what seems like an ongoing process over the past year. It has been over a year since Northside Hall has been under construction. The ongoing construction is part of IU South Bend’s plan to renovate the building by making upgrades where they

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Northside dining cafe shuts doors:

Return uncertain, dining services feedback forum planned By: CHRISTINE AIKEN Staff Writer Looking for a quick snack in between classes in Northside Hall? For now, the vending machines will have to suffice as the cafe has closed. Some in Northside, especially employees, miss the convenient meals in the building. “I think it would be better

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