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IU South Bend playlist to help you survive this winter 

By: MADISON WARD Staff Writer We all know winter can get us feeling down. For those of you who could use some help getting through the cold season, here are some songs from various IU South Bend students that they are listening to right now. DISCLAIMER: It is your prerogative whether to look up the

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Why declining album sales aren’t the endgame for music fans

By: DYLAN LEMERT Columnist @dlemert Sometimes, I like to try to convince myself that my high school years were the last truly good time of a musical golden age. With the second half of the 2000s edging just shy of the fully-digital era, insurmountably-priced CDs still lined the shelves of most department stores, monuments to a

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East Coast. West Coast. No. Coast?

By: GEOFF LESAR Staff Writer South Bend hip-hop collective The B.E.A.T. is making waves and doing its part in the rise of the “Third Coast” through their hosting of the monthly No. Coast Social concert series. “We’ve seen it in Cincinnati, where people have these monthly shows and they’re really pumped about it,” said Eli

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