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Not Quite News: No really, Sonic was good

By: BRENDAN McDANIEL Staff Columnist @brendan_preface It’s the twenties again, Donald Trump is somehow still the president, and the biggest movie of the past week was Sonic The Hedgehog. Truly, we live in the weirdest timeline. I had been fully expecting to spend this column dunking on what I thought would be the first “so

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“Shazam” might just be the saving grace DC movies need

By: BRENDAN MCDANIEL Staff Columnist @brendan_preface So, I’m guessing a lot of you went out to see “Shazam!” recently. Shazam! will have made nearly $200 million in a week since it debuted, doubling its production budget and having started early plans for a sequel presumably right after the box office numbers came in. Superhero movie

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