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A red wave? Everything you need to know about Indiana’s Midterm results

The 2022 midterm elections were gritty. Rising political tensions and the continually growing rift between parties have catalyzed voter turnout, with conservatives fighting to retain the values on which the nation was founded and liberals insisting that change is the only way to save this nation. Common ground in the present climate is incredibly elusive–the only way to resolve what would otherwise be years-long squabbles is by putting them to a vote.

Midterm Playlist: Music that will help you to succeed

By: MADISON WARD Staff Columnist Whether you have a midterm exam coming up, a five-page paper that is due, or a group project that you are muddling through, here is a list of songs from various IUSB students to motivate you to get that A! DISCLAIMER: It is your prerogative whether to look up the

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