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Michiana men given platform for expression

Staff writer

In American culture, women are often portrayed as natural creatures of expression who tend to share stories, feelings and memories to others with a sense of ease. Men, on the other hand, are culturally discouraged from crying or are considered soft if seen as too sensitive or emotionally expressive. The Michiana Manologues is beginning to break that societal stigma by providing a platform for Michiana men to share their anecdotes, intimate thoughts, comedic fails, personal stories and more…

Michiana “Manologues” will highlight local men’s issues through performance

By MANDI STEFFEY Staff Writer A new group formed by IU South Bend students will hold its first ever performance on Thursday, April 18. The program, designed as a play of monologues and entitled “The Manologues,” will showcase submissions on topics involving manhood—similar to women’s programs like the “Vagina Monologues” and the local version, “Michiana

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