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Time is running out to register to vote

By: Mabel Myers Staff Writer Voter registration is ending in Indiana on Oct. 5. It is easier than ever before to get registered to vote. The entire process has moved online. Go to http://www.indianavoters.com to begin the registration process.  Here’s what you’ll need in order to register to vote A valid Indiana Driver’s License or

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University Grill offers waffle bar, breakfast options

By: MANDI STEFFEY Staff Writer Gone are the days of limited, cold or prepackaged breakfast item selections on campus. Now open from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., the University Grill’s breakfast shift can serve up a hot plate of traditional breakfast food to hungry students and staff. IU South Bend Dining Services recently posted an

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Facebook page “IUSB Confessions” picks up steam

By: MANDI STEFFEY Staff Writer     Since it sprang into existence last year, a Facebook page with a growing popularity has evolved from a nugget of an idea to a full-blown forum for students at IU South Bend to vent and share ideas anonymously. This Facebook page is called IUSB Confessions. With 368 “likes” on

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The ins and outs of advising at IUSB

By: MANDI STEFFEY Staff Writer Advising, for many degree-seekers at IU South Bend, is a cut-and-dry experience. Each semester, students receive an email notification indicating that they will need to meet with a faculty or professional adviser before they can enroll in classes. The meeting between student and adviser is meant to be a time

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Healthcare bill requires many to purchase coverage before March

By MANDI STEFFEY Staff Writer IU South Bend Students recently received notification that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, will require them to purchase some kind of health insurance coverage before March of 2014 if they weren’t previously covered. The same applies for students, as well as other civilians, nationwide. According to

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New campus parking lot now fully operational

The Education and Arts Building lot was previously restricted for safety reasons By MANDI STEFFEY Staff Writer Frustrating students and faculty alike, the new campus parking lot located at the corner of Esther and Hildreth streets near the Education and Arts Building has been encased in fencing since the start of the semester. A sign

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IUSB police, health officials speak out on Indiana Lifeline Law

By MANDI STEFFEY, Staff Writer

Indiana lawmakers passed a law in 2012 that could potentially save the lives of college-aged students. This law, known as the Indiana Lifeline Law, was put in place as a resource for people under the age of 21 to seek medical attention involving any alcohol consumption-related emergency while receiving immunity from arrest and/or prosecution…