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Living with the editors: Four muffins, no money

By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martinson Co-Editor-in-Chief and Community Outreach Specialist/Co-Editor-in-Chief    Welcome back to another week in our lives. Last week we gave you a little bit of a break by introducing you to our boyfriends. However, this week we are back to questioning how we even have boyfriends.     This week has consisted of crying,

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Living with the editors: New fridge, new smells

By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson Co-Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor-in-Chief/Community Outreach Manager    The past couple weeks have been completely different for the two of us. One of us spent ten days in Europe. The other spent ten days in South Bend doing the same thing she has done for the last few months.     Cassidy traveled from

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