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Booked with finals? Here’s how to utilize the library for your research 

When it comes to final papers, the most difficult part is starting. Procrastination is inevitable. Before actually writing the paper, you have to sit there for hours and think about how you need to write the paper. It’s a process that everyone is familiar with, but that doesn’t make it any less exhausting. 

Science Alive: community comes together to express passion for science

The St. Joseph County Library held its 31st annual Science Alive event on Feb. 11, a free event where community members and children can enjoy educational science displays. There were exhibitors such as ND Energy and Prairie Wind Farms that helped inspire young minds. Some of these exhibits had live animals, interactive activities and more. 

Library elevators working sporadically after water damage

By: KATE LUCE Staff-Writer katelucellc@gmail.com   The heavy rainfall that closed campus, caused River Crossing to be evacuated, and campus-wide damage might too be the cause of the Frank D. Schurz’s Library’s elevator damage that has become an issue over the past week. The north elevator had been having issues well before the rain started,

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