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Student athlete expelled, complainant speaks out

By: TAYLOR HILL, KATELYN FIRESTEIN, TAYLOR WALDRON Staff Writer, Editor-in-Chief, Staff Writer/Web Editor TRIGGER WARNING: This article may be triggering for individuals who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, or other forms of violence. Amid all of the chaos taking place for IU South Bend students this semester, another important matter seemed to fall through

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BRAVE training event

By: TANNIA JOHNSON Staff Writer On January 27, the IU South Bend BRAVE program hosted a training event, hosted by Laura Harlow, Director of Institutional Equity and Inclusive Excellence. BRAVE stands for Bringing Awareness, Recovery, Awareness, Voices, and Engagement. This training consisted of Harlow discussing campus safety in terms of sexual misconduct, forms of consent,

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All-gender bathroom plans for Wiekamp Hall

By: KATELYN FIRESTEIN Staff Writer karfires@iu.edu A new all-gender bathroom is in the works in Wiekamp Hall, as well as many innovative initiatives that the Deputy Title IX Coordinator Laura Harlow is working on. The exact date on when the bathroom renovation will be completed is still unknown, but it has been approved and the

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