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Painting classes experience nontraditional art at the Lubeznik Center

By: KATE LUCE Staff Writer kmluce@iu.edu After being invited to a gallery visit, Laura Cutler, painting and drawing professor, took the class to the Lubeznik Center for the Arts to attend a talk on the Chicago Imagists, their predecessors and those who took inspiration from them. “The reason I decided to approach Painting 1 and

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Bringing Los Angeles, New York City, and La Porte to IU South Bend

By: KATE LUCE Staff Writer Laura Cutler truly has lived the life of an artist. Living in the artistic hubs, creating work in many studios, teaching in high schools, colleges, and art centers, and co-owning a gallery and framing business with her husband in La Porte. Cutler is currently substituting for Ron Monsa, painting and

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