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IUSB hosts poets Heather Christle & Chris DeWeese

By: KELSIE FERGUSON Staff Writer Two poets, married, living in one house — imagine the literary puns. Not only did Heather Christle and Chris Deweese give readings of their poetry from the books they’ve published last Thursday in Wiekamp Hall’s Bridge — but they also answered the crowd of about 40 students, staff and general

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Niles Haunted House open for 2013 season

New attractions, new themes, good bad food By: KELSIE FERGUSON Staff Writer Haunted houses started opening up around the 1970s and Niles Haunted House (NHH) opened in 1974. This year they celebrate “40 Years of Fear” and speculate they may be one the oldest haunts in the United States. “Very few haunts throughout the country

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Boost your resume with research

By KELSIE FERGUSON Staff Writer Generating a bibliography, quoting other sources and proofreading all take time and are not always considered fun. So, why do it? The thing about research is that it not only benefits the individual doing the work, but also contributes to a body of knowledge that the academic community can build

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