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Physicist to lecture on Nobel work

By: JULIAN HODGSON Staff Writer The phrase knowledge is power comes to mind in the case of one IU South Bend Professor who has changed the way we look at the universe itself. Professor of physics and astronomy Ilan Levine spent five years working with Art McDonald on a Nobel Prize winning project before coming

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IU South Bend Theatre Guild makes its return with macabre carnival

By: JULIAN HODGSON Staff Writer With Halloween creeping closer, the festivities of the season continue on the IU South Bend campus. A macabre carnival will come to town and kick off the eve of Halloween properly. The Dark Carnival is a seasonally appropriate special presented by the IUSB Theatre Guild. The donation-driven free event will

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Student journal finds Halloween spirit with “spooktacular” writing contest

By: JULIAN HODGSON Staff Writer As the crisp chill of fall settles over IU South Bend, tantalizing tales of terror and tension fill the air. The Halloween season is officially in full swing and many students will get the opportunity to embrace this with an appropriately themed writing contest. Analecta’s “Spooktacular” is a contest in

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