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Preface Report: SGA Pres. cancels jersey veto

IU South Bend Student Government Association (SGA) president Stephen Salisbury said Friday he would uphold legislation passed by the SGA Senate that would fund a second set of jerseys for IUSB’s baseball team, a piece of legislation he had considered vetoing. This comes after Salisbury used his weekly Preface column to seek input from students

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Time out called on new jerseys

By: JIM IRIZARRY Managing Editor jcirizar@iusb.edu Despite the Student Government Association (SGA) approving $4,500 to the baseball team last week, that money continues to be tied up in formalities. SGA president Stephen Salisbury has yet to sign the legislation that would OK the deal. Salisbury said during last Friday’s meeting that athletics director Steve Bruce

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Salisbury’s take

By: STEPHEN SALISBURY Guest Columnist stugov@iusb.edu Well, no doubt about it friends; we are living in a new era. Last Friday at noon, the forty-fifth President of the United States was sworn in, and if you’re reading this, it means we have survived thus far. What has always fascinated me about the Presidency in particular

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