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Sip & Study: Java Cafe

Welcome back to a new school year and a new semester of Sip & Study! For any new readers, Sip & Study highlights and reviews local coffee shops to give students recommendations on different spaces to hang out with friends, do some homework or just grab a quick cup of coffee. I’m so excited to be back for my final year of this column, and I look forward to trying some new coffee. 

Academic organization to change at IU South Bend

Due to declining enrollment and administrative cost issues, IU and IU South Bend leadership have decided to redesign IU South Bend’s academic structure. In May 2022, the Academic Organizational Design Task Force (AOD Task Force) was created to do this.

Booked with finals? Here’s how to utilize the library for your research 

When it comes to final papers, the most difficult part is starting. Procrastination is inevitable. Before actually writing the paper, you have to sit there for hours and think about how you need to write the paper. It’s a process that everyone is familiar with, but that doesn’t make it any less exhausting. 

Contentious Senate and House bills sweep the U.S.

Following the 2022 Midterm election, the previously democratically led Congress experienced a flip in the House of Representatives as a Republican majority won the election. While the U.S. Senate held a Democratic majority, the House of Representatives saw a shift in the majority party, which instituted a split in congressional majority. This is historically known to create limitations on how many bills are passed at state and national levels, as well as what types of bills are written and brought to the senate floor.