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In Perspective: Seeking answers to IUSB’s low graduation rates

In Perspective is an ongoing series into the low graduation rates of students from IUSB, enrollment numbers and what the school is doing about the issues. By: NEIL KING Staff Writer Only about one out of every four IU South Bend students will graduate. That statistic comes from a report being used in Assistant Professor

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Fight against proposed marriage ban comes to IU South Bend campus

By: CECELIA ROEDER Design Editor Gay marriage and related legislature have dominated the headlines recently, with judges in Utah and Oklahoma recently striking down laws prohibiting same-sex marriages. In Virginia, the state attorney general recently dropped support for the current ban on same-sex marriage, saying “I cannot and will not defend a law that violates

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Guns in the classroom? Indiana bill would allow concealed weapons on public college campuses

By SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer It seems lately school shootings are becoming a regular story for media outlets, and the lingering question still remains: How can it be prevented? A new bill has been introduced in the Indiana General Assembly by Republican Senator Jim Banks which would allow students, faculty and staff to carry

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