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Coffee and Conversation debates campus carry policy

By: KATELYN FIRESTEIN Staff Writer karfires@iu.edu For Constitution Week, the American Democracy Project (ADP) on campus hosted several conversations on current popular topics of political debate, including guns on campus. With the rise of mass school shootings across the nation, some campuses have discussed and even allowed members of universities with carrying licenses to carry

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Salisbury’s Take: Changing the Narrative Surrounding Gun Control

By: STEPHEN SALISBURY Guest Columnist   In the wake of yet another mass school shooting several weeks ago, I struggled to come up with something original to contribute to the gun control debate. Any long time reader of mine will not be surprised where I fall on the issue. I’ve clearly stated my outright hatred

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Guns in the classroom? Indiana bill would allow concealed weapons on public college campuses

By SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer It seems lately school shootings are becoming a regular story for media outlets, and the lingering question still remains: How can it be prevented? A new bill has been introduced in the Indiana General Assembly by Republican Senator Jim Banks which would allow students, faculty and staff to carry

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