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Living with the editors: Avocados and geese

By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson Co-Editor and Visiting Writer    We hope you all had a good week, because we can’t say we did. Cassidy got an avocado, and that was the highlight of the entire week.    We have to begin this with a shout out to Cassidy’s professor, Dr. Davis. We know you’re reading

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Creature comforts on campus?

By: Mabel Myers Editor-in-Chief Photos and Captions // Ashley Rose, Photographer    We’ve all spied a curious and playful squirrel running around, or avoided a goose here on campus. These critters can most often be identified as the gray squirrel and the Canada goose. While it may seem fun and intriguing to get close to the

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The unexpected enemy: IU South Bend geese

By: Cassidy Martenson Staff-Writer  When someone thinks of the scariest animal, what comes to mind? Sharks and snakes are both valid answers. However, both are wrong. The most feared animal is the IU South Bend goose.  The geese at IU South Bend are typically seen near Campus Housing, but this year, the geese are spreading

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