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Combating cabin fever: scavenger hunts in student housing

By: Cassidy Martenson Staff Writer While COVID-19 may be limiting many aspects of on-campus housing, one Resident Assistant) is doing their part to keep residents engaged with student activities. Dmitri Nickell, an RA in Riverview, has been designing scavenger hunts around the community for his residents.  Nickell became an RA this semester and quickly generated

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COVID-19 college crisis: Pandemic takes a toll on nursing students

By: Kate Luce Co-Editor-in-Chief kmluce@iu.edu The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how much everything can change in an instant. Students, no matter their major, have felt the impacts of the pandemic. Nursing students, in particular, have seen first-hand accounts of the severity of COVID-19. While some nursing students, particularly those that are graduating, took time off

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Facebook now offers more gender options for users

By: CECELIA ROEDER Design Editor For 10 years, Facebook users had two options when it came to selecting their gender: male and female. However, Facebook announced Feb. 13 that U.S. users now have the option of a “new custom gender option to help you better express your own identity on Facebook.” Facebook explained in a

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Facebook page “IUSB Confessions” picks up steam

By: MANDI STEFFEY Staff Writer     Since it sprang into existence last year, a Facebook page with a growing popularity has evolved from a nugget of an idea to a full-blown forum for students at IU South Bend to vent and share ideas anonymously. This Facebook page is called IUSB Confessions. With 368 “likes” on

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Feeding the beast: Facebook Paper and the problem with digital feeds

By: DYLAN LEMERT Columnist Earlier this month, the folks at Facebook released what they called, “A fresh, new look for News Feed.” The social media behemoth’s once much-maligned real-time update of posts, photos and general interactions has since become a staple in the decade (can you believe it?) since Facebook had its humble start in

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Admirers, confessions and a little controversy

Student-created Facebook pages feature IUSB confessions, admirers and snoozers By: SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer There has been a recent rash of IU South Bend Facebook pages popping up, and they’re grabbing students’ attention. The IUSB Secret Admirers page and the IUSB confessions page are run by Jessica Williams, a senior. As of Sunday, Nov.

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Is Facebook on the way out?


A week ago I was talking with a coworker of mine about the future of social media. She was specifically curious about my thoughts on the future of Facebook. See, she had been one of the first to grab a piece of Facebook’s stock when the company went public more than a year ago. The plan was to set aside the stock’s accumulating funds for her then-infant granddaughter…