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Book banning, objectivity central to talk given by David Detmer

By: BRENDAN MCDANIEL Staff Writer Book banning is generally a dangerous practice. While it is important to be aware of potentially controversial or objectionable content that enters print, the act of having a government official or agency attempting to prevent its existence draws close to overstepping the right to freedom of expression granted by the

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Author Joseph Bates reads at IUSB

By: NICK WORT Staff Writer Author Joseph Bates entertained a crowd of IU South Bend students and faculty on Wednesday, Feb. 19, with a reading from his new short story collection titled “Tomorrowland.” This stop was a part of his tour to promote the book. “The stories were written over the past six or so

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IUSB hosts poets Heather Christle & Chris DeWeese

By: KELSIE FERGUSON Staff Writer Two poets, married, living in one house — imagine the literary puns. Not only did Heather Christle and Chris Deweese give readings of their poetry from the books they’ve published last Thursday in Wiekamp Hall’s Bridge — but they also answered the crowd of about 40 students, staff and general

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