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Club Profile: Feminist Student Union

By: KATELYN FIRESTEIN Staff Writer karfires@iu.edu For any member of the IU South Bend community who believes in equality, the Feminist Student Union (FSU) is the perfect club. The Feminist Student Union is aimed at providing education and inclusion to members of the community, specifically here on campus. It focuses on defining feminism, creating a

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Double or nothing: students taking on double majors

By: KATE LUCE Staff Writer kmluce@iu.edu Double majoring is not a common choice for most students at most universities, but for some, the work that comes with it is worth it in the long run. Most students at IU South Bend who choose to double major are commonly in the Judd Leighton School of Economics

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Clothesline Project braves fall winds

By: JOHN LARSON Staff Writer larsonjd@iu.edu Don’t be surprised if you see some t-shirts flowing in the wind between Northside and the SAC, but certainly pay attention. The Feminist Student Union (FSU) has erected a display for the Clothesline Project, which encourages victims of incest, domestic violence and sexual assault to write their statements onto

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