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Meet the new editors of The Preface: Kate Luce and Taylor Waldron

By: Kate Luce and Taylor Waldron Co-Editors-in-Chief tswaldro@iu.edu, kmluce@iu.edu Hi! I’m Kate Luce. I have been a staff writer for The Preface for the past three years. Before that, I was a part of my high school’s newspaper for three years, editing for two. In addition to this, I am also the student editor for

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Artist Feature: Arianna Peak

By: Ashley Cox  Staff Writer Arianna Peak, a senior, who does painting and drawing at IUSB has always loved doing fine art ever since she was a kid.  “I’ve had an interest in fine arts since I was little, both of my grandmas are artists,” said Peak.  For Peak though, she decided she wanted to

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