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School of Education looking for art supplies

By: Mabel Myers Editor-in-chief    Are you cleaning out your closet this semester for spring cleaning? The School of Education is looking for materials they are able to use in art education courses. They are collecting the following items: Any crafting supplies Beads Broken jewelry/watches Brown kraft packing paper Bubble wrap Buttons Cards Cardboard boxes Cereal

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How Texas Became A Frozen Capitalist Dystopia

By: Peter Miles Hamilton Staff Columnist bremcdan@iu.edu Those of you who have been outside recently can attest that we are currently experiencing a massive cold front, bringing the coldest temperatures of winter in mid-February, astonishingly late in the season. In Indiana, we have seen large snowfalls in a short time, ice sheets covering every road,

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Students give back in Thanksgiving donation drive

By: Eva Monhaut Staff Writeremonhaut@iu.edu The holidays are the perfect chance for students to step back, spend time with loved ones and give back to their community; this Thanksgiving students have a new opportunity to give back.  The Student Nurses Association was collecting donations from Nov. 12-19 for Hope Ministries in South Bend. Hope Ministries

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