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Delight Ministries hosts Fall Kickoff event

What is pink-ribboned, flowery, and full of Jesus-loving girls? Delight of course! IU South Bend’s Delight Ministries Kickoff was held Sept. 1 in the SAC. Chick-fil-a, plenty of balloons, and even a puppy made the event a perfect place to be for the evening.

Instagram: Another way to get involved on campus

By: Mira Costello Co-Editor    Do you want to be more active in those clubs you signed up for during Welcome Week? Do you have a packed schedule, but still want to support your campus organizations? Do you just want more Instagram followers?    If your answer to any of those questions is “yes,” look no further

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What’s next for IU South Bend?

By: Emily Hinds Staff writer Are you a student at IU South Bend that is wanting to become more involved? In the next couple weeks there will be a great amount of events to increase your student involvement and have fun along the way! On Feb. 4 there will be a game night with Gamers`

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God is Delighted to have you (and so are they)

By: Ashley Rose Intern    Navigating college can be hard enough, as students attempt to live alone, manage a job, school and a social life. But how can students ensure they stay connected with their spirituality? Delight is a religious organization that has an initiative of bringing together Women of Christ to build a Godly community.

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Delight group plans Spring Kickoff

By: Alyssa Foster Staff-Writer The IU South Bend Delight group is planning to host their Spring Kickoff at a local church on Feb. 11 at 7 p.m.  Delight is a Christian Bible study for college women in schools all around to grow in their faith. Delight was brought to IU South Bend in the spring

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