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Pt. II Faculty search cancelled for East Asian Languages and Cultures minor

Students and faculty respond By: ASHLEY KATLUN Staff Writer The East Asian Languages and Cultures minor is not being eliminated, but the seventh most popular minor on campus is in a state of limbo, according to Lisa Zwicker, associate professor of history. Students, faculty and administrators have been in disagreement the past several weeks over

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IU South Bend affected by ordered cuts for 2014-2015 school year

By CECELIA ROEDER Design Editor In the current American economic situation, budget cuts and scaling back are common topics. One major budget cut will affect not only IU South Bend, but all Indiana public schools of higher learning. In December 2013, Republican Governor Mike Pence ordered universities to cut their state spending by 2 percent.

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IUSB campus anticipates $2.15 million budget deficit for 2013-14

Chancellor Reck appoints committee to provide recommendations By DANIELLE MILLER Staff Writer A campus bulletin posted from the chancellor’s office on Jan. 8 indicated that IU South Bend will fall about $2.15 million short on the 2013/2014 academic year budget. “Enrollment is up 1% from last fall but credit hours are down 2%,” said Chancellor

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