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Reading Between the Lines with Eva: Top books I am looking forward to in 2020

By: EVA MONHAUT Columnist emonhaut@iu.edu New Year! New Reads! Here are the top books I am looking forward to being released and reading in 2020. “The Vineyards of Champagne” by Juliet Blackwell Set during World War I in the French countryside, this novel explores the strength of a group of women standing up against the

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The uniquely futuristic cautionary tale of Dave Eggers

By: DYLAN LEMERT Columnist Dave Eggers’ newest novel is a work of nightmarish proportions. It’s a look at one possible version of a specifically-westernized apocalypse, an overblown tale of what happens when power is first given an inch, but takes a mile. “The Circle,” both the title of the novel and the name of the

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