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Active Minds opens conversation regarding Derek Chauvin’s verdict

By: Connie Klimek Staff-Writer IU South Bend Chapter of Active Minds hosted a discussion via zoom exploring thoughts and feelings on Derek Chauvin’s trial and guilty verdict.  Nicole Haas, co-president of Active Minds, greeted attendees and gave Kevin Griffith, executive director of Student Advocacy and Community Engagement, an introduction. Griffith welcomed participants and said, “This

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Salisbury’s take

By: STEPHEN SALISBURY SGA President Do Black lives really matter in this country? If so, then why does it make so many people uncomfortable when we make that statement? Every day I turn on the TV and another unarmed Black man has been killed by a police officer. I must admit, I watched the recent

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IUSB holds Black Lives Matter event

By: IAN BROWN Staff Writer ianbrown@iusb.edu Emotions ran high Thursday night as IU South Bend’s Student Government Association (SGA) held an academic discussion in light of the Black Lives Matter movement that has recently been gaining attention across the nation. Stephen Salisbury, President of the SGA, received no opposition from the University for holding the

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