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Who’s really benefitting from banded-tuition?

By: COURTNEY SNIADECKI Web Editor The real cost of banded tuition Recently, IU campuses have implemented a banded-tuition policy. The policy was adopted for the fall semester of 2016. Essentially, a student who enrolls in 12 credit-hours will pay the same tuition as a student who enrolls in 18 credit-hours. In a statement released Nov.

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Full-time students to see fall tuition change

By: CHRISTINA CLARK Staff writer clark66@umail.iu.edu New tuition schedules are slated to be implemented for the fall 2016 semester, and not everyone is thrilled. IU South Bend will join the rest of Indiana University in charging a “banded tuition.” What that means is students who take nine credit hours or less will not see a

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