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Tasty Tips with Tay: Air Fryer Fried Oreos

By: Taylor Waldron Co-Editor-in-Chief/Columnist  The past week has been stressful and filled with major assignments, exams and projects. I found myself uninspired in the kitchen and just going for whatever was quick and easy. When trying to think of what to make this week for Tasty Tips, I had a total mental block.  I didn’t

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Tasty Tips with Tay: Stress Baking

By: Taylor Waldron Co-Editor-in-Chief tswaldro@iu.edu Welcome back, friends! We’ve made it to 2021. To be honest, I wasn’t totally sure if we’d make it in one piece. I’m so excited to start the spring semester because we’re just that much closer to summer break and for me, I’m embarking on my final semester at IU

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Meet the staff: Cassidy Martenson

By: Cassidy Martenson Staff Writer  Hello! My name is Cassidy Martenson, and I am a sophomore here at IU South Bend. I began my college experience at Butler University in Indianapolis before transferring home to South Bend in Spring 2020. Transferring was scary, but I am so glad that I ended up here! I am

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