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Artist Spotlight: Taylor Garrett

By: Ashley Rose Staff writer/ photographer Taylor Garrett is a sophomore at IU South Bend. She is working to get her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. The biggest artistic inspiration is everyday life. A lot of her ideas come from being outside.  Speaking on her love for nature, Garrett said

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Artist Spotlight: Chloe Teall

By: Ashley Rose Staff writer/photographer Chloe Teall is a senior at IU South Bend and will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a minor in Printmaking. Teall will be continuing her degree at the Herron School of Art where she will earn her Master’s. Teall’s favorite art medium

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Artist Spotlight: Leigha Jones

By: Ashley Rose Staff writer/ photographer Leigha Jones is a sophomore at IU South Bend, earning her degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design. Her favorite mediums to create art with are graphite and charcoal.  When asked about her biggest inspiration for art, Jones said: “My biggest inspiration as an artist is

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