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Instagram: Another way to get involved on campus

By: Mira Costello Co-Editor    Do you want to be more active in those clubs you signed up for during Welcome Week? Do you have a packed schedule, but still want to support your campus organizations? Do you just want more Instagram followers?    If your answer to any of those questions is “yes,” look no further

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Insight on the importance of diversity courses

By: Connie Klimek Staff-writer    Curious about diversity courses at IU South Bend? Dr. Theo Randall, associate professor of anthropology in the department of sociology and anthropology, coordinator of the African American Studies program, and faculty advisor for the Black Student Union, explained this.     In his diversity courses, he defines what an African American is, what

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College beyond the classroom 

By: EMILY TRENT Staff Writer Dr. Gail McGuire, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at IU South Bend gave an honors talk January 27 in the River Crossing Student Housing. During her discussion, she covered the benefits of Community Engagement and how students can get the most from their experience. Professor McGuire runs the program, Engage IU

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