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A shot of reality

By: EMILY TRENT Staff Writer emmtrent @iu.edu Drinking is no secret among college students, and it shouldn’t be hidden. If you are going to drink, you need to know the important facts about alcohol. Titan Productions hosts events every semester to help bring awareness to different issues surrounding college students. This semester they hosted the

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What’s the deal with alcohol, again?

By Dylan Lemert Columnist I want to talk about beer. Not just how I enjoy beer, although I certainly do. I want to talk about alcohol in general, and how it’s been treated both for better and for worse over the years by different civilizations (without forgetting that especially dark period of our own nation’s

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IUSB police, health officials speak out on Indiana Lifeline Law

By MANDI STEFFEY, Staff Writer

Indiana lawmakers passed a law in 2012 that could potentially save the lives of college-aged students. This law, known as the Indiana Lifeline Law, was put in place as a resource for people under the age of 21 to seek medical attention involving any alcohol consumption-related emergency while receiving immunity from arrest and/or prosecution…