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Can we please shut up about Manti Te’o?

By MANDI STEFFEY Columnist I’m not afraid to admit it: I don’t care about Notre Dame. I didn’t grow up in the South Bend area, so maybe I just don’t “get it,” but I was tired of this whole Manti Te’o being “catfished” scandal almost immediately after it started. It made for some exciting news

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GMO up for questioning

By CHRISTINA CLARK Columnist Mark Lynas was a forerunner in the fight against genetically modified organisms (GMO), believing that food produced from the practices were not safe. On Jan. 20, 2013, he appeared on the National Public Radio show “All Things Considered” to discuss his positions. “When I started off as an anti-GMO activist, it

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Guns in the classroom? Indiana bill would allow concealed weapons on public college campuses

By SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer It seems lately school shootings are becoming a regular story for media outlets, and the lingering question still remains: How can it be prevented? A new bill has been introduced in the Indiana General Assembly by Republican Senator Jim Banks which would allow students, faculty and staff to carry

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