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It’s time to watch…or watch out!

close up of pumpkins

Halloween only comes once a year, and the best way to get into a spooky mood is to watch horror movies. We all know and love our classic slasher films, but it’s time to face a new threat: the paranormal. There are three films that I will be giving an overview of and a personal rating out of ten. Each is vastly different from the other, so hopefully one of these will give you goosebumps.

Staff Profile: Kristyn Kertai

My name is Kristyn or Kris, and I am a junior at IU South Bend. I am a drawing and painting major, and I am also working towards getting a minor in printmaking. I really enjoy creating semi-realistic and illustrative works of art that have a unique narrative to them. I hope to make art for a living, have my own online store and table at local festivals. I post my art on Instagram @kriskayart.