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Senior goodbye: Kaylee Darnell

For the last three and a half years, I’ve been writing the sports stories for the Preface, but this story is different. This time, I’m signing off and saying goodbye. This is such a bittersweet feeling…it hurts so much to close one chapter, but knowing you’re about to turn the page to the next chapter is so exciting. 

April is Autism Acceptance Month

Autism is a disorder that affects around 2.2 percent of all American adults. That number may seem small, but it makes up an estimated 5,437,988 people! The autism community has made great strides and accomplishments in the world, so a month of recognition and appreciation is well deserved. 

Journalist fatalities, arrests, disappearances rise

close up view of an old typewriter

In 2022, journalist deaths rose over 50 percent from 2021. The majority of these murders, according to the data provided by the Committee to Protect Journalists, occurred in Ukraine and Latin America. There were 71 confirmed killings related to their occupation, most of which were reporting on topics such as crime, corruption and politics.