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Changes to new student orientation

By: CARTER DEJONG Staff Writer     Students and parents attending new student orientation will now arrive more prepared than they have in past years, if the new changes implemented are successful. Students now have the option to meet with their academic advisors to see what classes will be best for them before orientation.  

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Salisbury’s Take: Preface Columnist Welcomes Back the Family with History Lesson

By STEPHEN M. SALISBURY Featured Columnist     Welcome back, readers!It is always exciting to start a new academic year. By the end of this semester, I will have completed my sixth full year as a full time member of the IU South Bend community. This is my third year writing this column for The

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Nothing less than a busy “Summer”

By Kate Luce Staff Writer     Working behind the scenes might not be as glamorous as being a star, but for John Enrique Thompson, visiting lecturer of fine arts, it made his summer one to remember.     Thompson was a part of the “Girls of Summer,” a film directed by John Hancock. Hancock

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