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Black historical highlights: Bessie Coleman

It’s important to recognize the influence that Black historical figures hold on the past, present and future, and Bessie Coleman is no exception: she was the first Black woman and person of Native American descent to hold a pilot’s license.

Appreciating the origins of Black fashion

As we enter Black History Month, it is important to take a moment to educate ourselves on Black contributions to society. From fresh acrylic sets to hoop earrings and bucket hats, western culture has historically found trends within fashion styles popularized by the Black community. Read on to learn about the historical context of many fashion trends you may love.

A chat with Professor Theo Randall

In 2023, Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the efforts of abolitionist Frederick Douglass may feel like distant history, only as real as the screens on which we read about them. Although we have accomplished leagues of progress since the 1860s, you might not know that in 1926, those two men – Lincoln and Douglass – inspired Black historian Carter G. Woodson to create what would become what we now know as Black History Month.

Student spotlight: I’Vory Woods

By: Ashley Rose Staff Photographer/Staff Writer    Black History Month means a lot to many different students for many different reasons. Junior I’Vory Woods, a social work major at IU South Bend, finds Black History Month to be very important to her.     Woods is incredibly involved with the school. She is a part of the Student

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Student spotlight: Brikea Sherrod

By: Ashley Rose Photographer/Staff-writer    Brikea Sherrod is a junior studying early childhood education at IU South Bend. Outside of her academics, she is very involved with IU South Bend, being recognized as a leader by many. She has been a residential assistant on campus, where she assisted housing students in making their living experience as

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Student spotlight: Reginald Williams

By: Mabel Myers Editor-in-Chief    Black History Month is important for all students at IU South Bend, but Reginald Williams sees this as an opportunity for the school to show its inclusivity of the different demographics that attend.     “Before transferring to IUSB, my previous college did not have a lot of support for African-American students. IU

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Insight on the importance of diversity courses

By: Connie Klimek Staff-writer    Curious about diversity courses at IU South Bend? Dr. Theo Randall, associate professor of anthropology in the department of sociology and anthropology, coordinator of the African American Studies program, and faculty advisor for the Black Student Union, explained this.     In his diversity courses, he defines what an African American is, what

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Black History is American History

By: Connie Klimek Staff-writer    The Titan Success Center, along with the Black Student Union and the Civil Rights Heritage Center, invites students to grab some popcorn and learn about local resources to support and celebrate the Black and African American community in South Bend as they host, “Black History is American History” on Feb. 23

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