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Spirit Week: Fostering campus unity and pride

By: Taya Stewart


Play along – it’s Spirit Week! Spirit Week takes place from Oct. 2-6 here at IU South Bend. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the week-long events. Monday, Oct. 2 is spirit chalking, Tuesday is trivia, Wednesday is pumpkin painting and flag stamping, Thursday is Titan Tailgate and pick-up volleyball and lastly, Friday is Latin Dance.

Why have school spirit? Student Life Coordinator Haley Hessey says, “We do school spirit in order to better identify our campus community as a whole. It’s a way for us to connect with one another as we share a common identity as students, faculty, staff and administrators of IU South Bend.” Hessey says it’s about “being able to engage with each other and to remind one another what it means to exhibit Hoosier spirit and Titan pride.”

Spirit Week, an essential part of campus life, is a cherished tradition here at IU South Bend. Spirit Week is an annual event that unites students, faculty and staff in celebration of their institution. Throughout the week, the campus comes to life with a wide range of activities, competitions and themed dress-up days that are all designed to showcase pride. 

The tradition of Spirit Week has its own roots dating back to the early 20th century when universities aimed to boost student morale and foster community. It evolved over many decades into week-long celebrations culminating around major sports games. Today Spirit Week extends beyond just athletic events to bring students together and make school a fun and festive time.

Elements of school pride can look like a lot of things, including themed dress-up days where students, faculty and staff can participate by dressing in accordance with daily themes ranging from Pajama Day to Crazy Hat Day. These playful elements promote inclusivity and creativity.

IU South Bend’s Campus Collaboration Committee and other campus partnerships come together to create and plan Spirit Week. Outside help comes from clubs, organizations, academic departments and co-sponsorships with the Office of Housing and Student Life.

These events are not only fun and creative but foster a sense of community and identity among students to make them feel like an integral part of their college. Events that enlighten students in their college experience promote positivity, loyalty and engagement in their extracurriculars and academic involvements.

More information and details can be found through Titan Atlas, Daily Titan, IU South Bend social media and flyers posted around campus.

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