Kitty Citty Boutique

By: Kerry Garrett


Kitty Citty, a new business for cats and their owners, opened its doors to South Bend last month. Instead of being just a pet store, it is more of a boutique, complete with treats, toys, scratching posts, shirts and even slippers. 

The idea for Kitty Citty came from CEO David “The Catfather” Mitchell’s two daughters, who started off by rescuing stray cats in the area. After noticing that other pet boutiques mostly cater to dog owners, they decided it was high time to open one especially for cats. 

“Every time they went to the pet store, it was always dog-oriented,” Mitchell said. “So they came up with the idea for one that was cats-only…and there’s tons of stuff made for cats.”

While visiting Kitty Citty, you may also encounter two kittens, Checkers and Holly, who work very hard to keep the store up and running. When asked about their contribution to the business, they said, “meow,” which roughly translates to: “we did most of the research and contacted the vendors for the merchandise. It was tough but rewarding work.” 

Kitty Citty is located on 202 N. Dixie Way, distinguished by a giant cat mural painted by artist Cassie Gabrel.

By The Preface at IUSB

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