Fine Arts Club hosts first BYOP event

The Fine Arts Club at IU South Bend recently invited students to BYOP – Bring Your Own Pumpkin.

By: Ashley Rose


The Fine Arts Club at IU South Bend recently invited students to BYOP – Bring Your Own Pumpkin. 

The first-time event was hosted on Oct. 21 in the Fine Arts Building where students could use the club’s paints and brushes to design their pumpkins while enjoying cupcakes as a treat.

“What inspired the Fine Arts Club to host this event was the idea of doing something festive and fun. It also gives students an opportunity to relax,” Betsy Doroteo, club vice president, said.

Leaders of the club were pleased with the turnout of the event.

When asked about why the fine arts club wanted to host this event, Doroteo expressed the need to be unique.

 “I think people should try to do different things without the pressure of being perfect,” they said.

Painting an abstract-shaped pumpkin for fun is a great way for students to stop thinking about the pressures of performing well in classes; it allows them to enjoy doing something they may not do very often.

During the painting session, Yesi montes, a freshman pursuing a major leadership position for the club, discussed other possible upcoming events the club is hoping to host. One of these events involves collaborating with the Honors Program of IU South Bend in taking part in  volunteer work for St. Matthews, a non-profit K-8 private school. St. Matthews regularly gives back to the community by offering scholarships to lower class students. This volunteer work would include painting shipping containers St. Matthews owns.

“St. Matthews wants us to beautify the place and bring some light in,” Montes said. 

The fine arts club at IU South Bend is hoping to hold this event next semester when the weather gets warmer again. 

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