SGA funds clubs, events looking to the year ahead

On Sept. 30, the Student Government Association heard three funding requests from various student groups.

By: Ashley Bergeron


On Sept. 30, the Student Government Association heard three funding requests from various student groups.

President Keaton Herma of the Japanese Club requested $1359 for their annual sushi demonstration. The funding would cover plates, sushi ingredients, prepared sushi, chopsticks and more. The request was approved in full, and the sushi demonstration will be held in the Grill at 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 25. Students can stop by to learn how to make sushi and enjoy a free lunch. Herma explained that dietary and allergy accommodations will be made. 

Next, Student Nurses Association (SNA) representatives Nathan Gingerich and Cheryl Barnes requested $5850 to send six students to the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) mid-year conference. This would cover the cost of hotel rooms, registration, food, transportation and airfare to the conference in Virginia. Gingerich and Barnes explained that the conference will help nursing students network, prepare for their licensure exam and learn professional skills. There was a lengthy discussion about how this would benefit IU South Bend, as well as how the requested amount was 1% of the SGA Student Activity Fee budget, which led to some hesitancy among voting members. President Martinez informed the senate that if the full amount was approved, he would use his veto authority to strike down the funding, taking it to another senate vote. After an hour-long discussion and multiple failed motions to table the request for a week, seven of 12 senators voted to fund the SNA to take four students to the conference, totaling an amount of $3350.

President Connor Dick and Treasurer Camille Pickrell of the Gamer’s Guild requested $500 for the semester. This would cover the cost of the pizza parties and holiday parties they are planning to hold, and new games they want to buy. At the pizza parties, they plan to have eight pizzas (3 cheese, 3 pepperoni, 2 sausage) from Papa John’s. The holiday parties will be for Halloween and Christmas, and will include themed activities and friendly contests. Some of the new games they plan to buy are Risk and Villainous. The SGA funded the request in full.

The SGA meets every Friday from 10 a.m. to noon in SAC 206 and the meetings are open to the public. Students are encouraged to attend.

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