Titan tails

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By: Chloe Teall


   Although this may be the final week of “Titan Tails”, there will always be pets in need of homes. Before getting to the last features, I want to remind and encourage everyone to always consider adoption when looking to add a furry friend to your family.


   Adoption from breeders who do health and temperament testing is a wonderful option for many families. However, backyard breeders have oversaturated the market, making it hard for the average owner to identify good from bad breeders. 

   The overwhelming majority of pets end up in shelters as a result of irresponsible backyard breeding. It is crucial that consumers do thorough research prior to deciding to purchase an animal, because financially supporting irresponsible backyard breeders allows them to continuously breed unhealthy, and even unsafe, animals. 

   One way to avoid this conflict altogether is by opting for adoption, and welcoming a pet into your home without ever supporting an unworthy cause: which leads us to this week’s pets!


   Meet Finn, a tan-and-white Pitbull mix who is always dressed with a smile. This fellow is about a year old, so he has plenty of time to make memories with his new family. Finn decided to take himself for a walk earlier this month, got lost, and sadly lived as a stray until a police officer found him and brought him to the HSEC. Now, he’s ready to begin a new adventure with a new family who wants to go on walks with him. 

   If you’re looking for a gal who’s moved past her sprightly puppy stage, Jenna just might be the one for you! This sweet girl is a five-year-old spayed Pitbull mix with a stormy gray coat. Jenna was also living as a stray prior to being brought to the shelter, and unfortunately nobody ever claimed her. She has a lot of love to share with a family who will take care of her forever.

   Both Jenna and Finn are $25 with an approved application for the remainder of April. 

Cream Puff

   If you’re “more of a cat person”, that’s alright: Cream Puff wants to be your new best friend! Ms. Puff is a three-year-old domestic shorthair who would adjust well to a family who wants to pamper her. With a soft and silky coat like hers, the shelter staff couldn’t come up with a more appropriate name! She would love to spend her days perched up on a cat tower, or in the lap of her favorite person. 

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