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The last one

By: Mabel Myers


   I have absolutely put off writing this all week because of finals, but I am now getting to it at 11 p.m. on the day it is due. I still cannot believe this is the last piece I will be writing for The Preface, but anyway, let’s go for it.

   When I started for The Preface back in 2019 I was a scared sophomore who had transferred the past semester and avoided everyone. I was taking Ken Klimek’s news editing class and he told Emily Trent and me that we needed to join the paper. I was super hesitant at first because it was new and scary. I also had another job at the time as an engineering intern (I know, how?). 

   After a week of thinking about it I finally told him that I would come to a meeting and find out what it was all about. I walked into my first meeting and was greeted with warm smiling faces and people who wanted to get to know me. From the first meeting I absolutely loved writing for The Preface, and I knew I would continue until I graduated – or so I thought.

   Just when things got normal again, I found out that I had gotten accepted into my dream internship program, the Disney College Program. I knew I had to go, as it was my dream and there wasn’t a chance I could turn it down. When I told Ken that I had been accepted, he seemed sad that I wouldn’t be with The Preface full-time but quickly came up with a plan to keep me on staff. 

   So now I guess it is time to say thank you. I want to thank Ken. These past years of getting to know both you and Connie have been amazing. I am so thankful you talked me into joining staff and encouraged me to keep writing even though I was out living my dream. I would not be where I am today without you helping me through. 

   Next I have to thank my co-editors. Alyssa, Cassidy and Mira. I would have never made it through this semester without you all. I am beyond thankful for all of your insight and encouraging words. I appreciate everything you all did for me and the staff. Alyssa and Mira – you both will do amazing next semester!

   I also need to thank my parents. I would not have survived the last four years without you both. Mom and dad, you have been my rocks in my hardest moments of college and I still cannot believe that I am actually graduating. Thank you for always telling me to do my best and to go live my dreams. 

   Finally my fiancé, Mason. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you most. You have been so helpful in encouraging me and always telling me I can do it when I want to give up most. Thank you for always pushing me and making me a better person.

   Lastly, I want to encourage all students to do whatever you think you might enjoy on campus. Join The Preface, change your major, join a club or sport; just do what will make you happy. You only have a short four years here at IU South Bend. Make them count and enjoy every minute, because it goes faster than you think.

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