Living with the editors: Final Goodbye

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor and Visiting Writer

   Cue the tears. We’re done. You’ll never be able to hear about our lives again.

   Did you think you could read a column without it starting off in some dramatic way? That could never happen.

   However, we are not kidding. This is the last time we will ever write a “Living with the editors” column. Are we sad about it? Honestly, kinda. We have used this platform to rant about our weeks for almost an entire school year. We’ve gone through many changes. One of us does not even work for The Preface anymore. Yet we’ve stuck with this column.

   While talking to our faculty advisor about what we are going to do next, he suggested therapy. He’s probably right.

    We’re now packing up our apartment and getting ready to move out. We realized, however, that we both drive small cars that we cannot fit our entire apartment into. Alyssa has an entire futon that she has to get home. 

   We’re also getting ready for finals week, just like we know most of you are. Cassidy has had the most insane amount of work Alyssa has ever seen. While Alyssa has some papers and exams, it seems like Cassidy never had a break from the papers and exams.

   Want some wild news? Cassidy is graduating in two weeks and today was her last day at her job. She is now technically unemployed. Meanwhile, Alyssa is writing her part of this column from work at the radio station. Whatever works, right?

   We also have some crazy news. Cassidy wrote another article for The Preface this week. Can you believe it? See if you can find it in the paper. 

   Ultimately, we want to say thank you for enjoying our lifeless lives for the past eight months. We definitely never thought we would get feedback on our column, and we definitely would not have expected it to be positive if we did get any. However, you all have been so great to rant to. And while we know you have judged us greatly while reading about us, just know that we could not appreciate you more.

   With that being said, we are done. You’ll never again know what it is like to be living with the editors. 

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