Actively and mindfully destigmatizing mental health

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By: Ashley Rose


   Active Minds is a national student led nonprofit organization that is dedicated to advocating and destigmatizing mental health, especially within the young adult community Active minds.They try to reach the community through peer to peer interactions that encourage young adults to open up about their mental health journeys as well as be more accepting to others. 

   On April 21, IU South Bend’s Active Minds chapter hosted an event that allowed students and faculty to share stories about their mental health journeys. These monologues were submitted anonymously and read by members of Active Minds and other students.

   The evening opened up with a reading of Caged Bird, originally written by Maya Angelou. Caged Bird was presented by Active Minds President, Nicole Haas. Border bus, originally written and published by Juan Felipe Herrera, was presented as well.

   Following that, anonymous submissions were ready by Active Minds members Celynn Chan, Mira Costello and Jaidyn Medina, as well as non-Active Minds members including Elyse Chudzynski, Mackenzie Edmonds and Hailie Kulikowski. 

   “I think it was really impactful that Active Minds hosted this event. It allowed so many students to learn and understand more about mental health, as well as create a safe environment for those who struggle,” freshman dental hygiene major Jesenia Linares said.

   After each reading, a moment of silence was provided in honor of those whose stories were shared. At the bottom of their program pamphlet, Active Minds provided a note stating “to those who wrote of their experiences, and those who have narrated those experiences; we are grateful that you have chosen to share some small measures of your personal journey of awareness, resilience, and love.”

Photo / Ashley Rose

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